7. More of the House

We will have a community kitchen, with vegetables and herbs from the roof, and a dining room with a dark hardwood dining-room table you can set your coffee mug down on, and some kind of light fixture on the high ceiling of the entrance/reception room that will have Spanish moss and old Czechoslovakian glass Mardi Gras beads hanging from it to remind us of our sister agency in New Orleans.

There will be a working fireplace somewhere in the house that we will use on special season days like Thanksgiving and Winter Solstice holidays. We will honor World AIDS Day, Day of the Dead, and clients’ birthdays or other survival anniversaries upon request. We can make each other’s birthday cakes. The caretaker will be happy to if no one else wants to. We will celebrate weddings of all kinds in the backyard rose garden. We will not participate in Pride as an agency, but we will celebrate Mardi Gras with extended community any way people would like that we can get away with. We'll have King Cakes.

Workshop and discussion rooms will be furnished with cleaned, comfortable, thriftstore armchairs; some rocking chairs. (The floors are wood that needs refinishing but isn’t going to get it). There will be thick, soft, clean rugs, and big fat pillows on the floor. Rooms have varied seating capacity. Three are round rooms in vertical succession with original curved pane windows brushed by trees.

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