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23. What We Would Do Though....

+Positive House would offer storage space and assistance to the board of Positive Pedalers. The house would host fundraising parties for our Pos-Ped clients who are doing the Ride. We would have an AIDS Walk team. We would continue to at least host, and maybe construct, Quilt panels if there is interest in that tradition. (We can have a sewing room with quilting-stuff--and sit in our rockers).

And we could create and coordinate a positive children’s book program called "Small Voice" through which clients could have the opportunity to assist positive children around the world from a distance in making little books about what the children want to tell each other or wish for each other, and that way if they don’t live long enough to grow up to fulfill their destinies--or if they do live long enough but will be disabled in some way from living the life they want--they will at least know whenever it is that they die, that a little published book exists and circulates to others around the world because they wrote it, and it’s read, and that maybe it is understood or will become helpful to someone in some way they didn't intend.

And once a week except Thursdays till noon (Women’s Clinic), we would send a team of volunteers over to the waiting room of Ward 86 at San Francisco General Hospital to offer free chair massage and serve coffee and bagels and fruit, and no one (men) would be made to sit in the hall till we’re done. +

22. Refrain

But that’s not what we do. But we’re free to go to the Venting group [see comments there (page 11)], or to write about it on the walls.

21. Out

If anyone has ever heard of a support group for straight positive people anywhere in the Bay Area, could someone please let the California AIDS Hotline know about it, 1-800-FORAIDS. And if you are a volunteer for the hotline [the executive director of
+Positive House was once too] and someone calls and identifies as HIV+ and says, “Please don’t refer me to a women’s group, I’m looking for a straight group,” please don’t refer her to women’s groups anyway. There is much to love and learn from many women, but heterosexuality is not solely a woman’s issue. Not even a sole HIV+ woman’s issue. And please don’t say, “I’m sorry there aren’t more groups for women (there are several), but I just don’t think you’re going to find anything for just straight women,” [rage]; or hand the phone over to a woman without relevance to sexual orientation at all; or refer her to "women-and-children." (Children's services are a very, very, very good thing for children and for positive women who have them and for fathers who care. If a caller hasn't mentioned children, don't refer her to children without at least asking her first if she has any. "Women and children" is not one word--how does "men-and-children" sound? Consider, just for a moment, how it would make you feel over and over again to be refered to children's services if you didn't have children and wanted them very badly? How would that make you feel if you didn't have children, and didn't have them very much on purpose--but would have if you didn't have the responsbilities--no my using the word "responsibilities" is not a quip at women who assume many more responsibilities than I can handle--of dealing with so many other problems that you, by yourself negotioate and want help and positive male company with? It's not true that all positive women neglect their own wellbeing because they've put care for dependents first. That doesn't mean that we aren't part of culture or don't deserve sensitivity.) And if someone calls the hotline and says, "Please don't refer me to a women's group. I'm looking for a straight group," please don't (however well-intentioned, and however worthwhile the service) refer her to Narcotics Anonymous if she’s never had a IVD-addiction, and tell her to go anyway; or assume that it must be some kind of straight prank call and refer her to places that don’t exist. Just say, I’m sorry but there is nothing in the database for California under “straight” or “heterosexual,” and there never has been.