20. Contradiction Building

+Positive House could violate our policies further by pushing also for one well-facilitated two-day workshop to be offered twice a year (once on a weekend, once during the week) on HIV+ relationship issues for straight (and “straight”) people addressing particular difficulties of sero-sorting without means of finding each other than the Internet (and +Positive House) due to not having a naturally enclosing, high HIV-incidence community like gay men. The workshop should address the particular problems of exploitation of intrinsic power disparities in heterosexual online dating that might be exacerbated by vulnerabilities related to being HIV+. The workshop should also address particular disclosure difficulties of trying to date HIV- straight people, some of whom have never heard of a T-cell. The workshop should be informed by studies on the unspoken impact homophobia and closeting can have on those of us who are not gay, and the effects both homophobia and internalized AIDS-phobia can have on straight positive sexual identity…. +Positive House will be sincerely happy to show already-due recognition somehow to UCSF AIDS Health Project, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation just as soon as that one support group and two two-day workshops exist, anywhere in the bay area.

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