16. Pet Project

+Positive House created its Outside World project to give retired San Francisco activists things to do to keep them from causing problems to fix. Outside World is now focused in a personal way on encouraging San Francisco's international AIDS organizations (Pangea and A.S.P.I.R.E.) to include New Orleans in their outreach by making the case that if New Orleans (with its devastated healthcare system, high HIV incidence, recent funding cuts, and mistrust of medical help) were in Africa, it would be considered part of their agenda.

+Positive House's Outside World project includes an early spring, week-long pilgrimage to the city of New Orleans where positive pilgrims who can and want to will gut and build houses for anyone. Those who can't or don't want to gut and build houses can tour New Orleans neighborhoods with a mobile respite unit or with Loaves and Fishes. We will rent a little shotgun house with a washer and dryer, and in our spare time we can eat and/or dink at participating Dining Out for Life bars and restaurants and check out the comprehensively diverse support groups (together or separately) of their bennefiting agency, NO/AIDS Task Force.

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