13. More Discussions Upstairs...

Sero-Sorting Workshop—ways to find other HIV+ people besides
Positive House. (You can find each other here too, just not in the same workshop. If you’re hooking up here though, you’re going to have to do it in a closet.) If relationship seeking, how to avoid mismatching with another positive person in ways that would be hurtful to us or to someone who is already vulnerable. If looking for a long-term sero-concordant relationship, how to be honest with ourselves about what we’re up for in dealing with someone else’s potential physical challenges along with our own, as well the emotions that come with those. How to gauge and honor affinities, desires, needs and limitations.

Sero-Concordant Relationships support group—facilitator can't speak on this. But it will be here.

Body Image Workshop—accepting and seeing beyond our other-objectifications and self-objectifications, (just like AIDS Health Project's workshop for men regardless of HIV status). Dealing with wasting, lypodystrophy, and other physical effects of HIV and medications, adjusting to changes from aging and ageism. If it’s a problem, accepting what we would not be able to change without surgery and hormones if we aren’t up for that. Accepting that and what comes and goes with it if you are.

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