11. More Discussions Upstairs...

Medical Choices discussion group--This group is a forum in which to freely discuss any aspects of complicated and evolving personal decisions regarding medicine and treatment.

Dealing with Medication and Illness discussion and support group facilitated by some kind of medical provider.

Depression and emotional life with HIV support group.

Isolation discussion and support group—dealing with isolation due to concealment or revelation of HIV status, isolation due to physical and emotional challenges of HIV, isolation due to lost time, isolation due to nonacceptance or displacement from family, isolation due to not being fully included by or not fitting into a community, isolation due to prejudice and discrimination, isolation due to our own anger and fear.

Anger Management workshop--a harm reduction approach to creative ways of dealing with intense, negative emotion.

Fear Management (same).

Venting group--facillitated complaining. We'll take turns but we won't try to improve anything or help each other. But we won't be mean either.

Contentions group--More formulated complaining (post-venting). What complaining (post-venting) is true and possibly useful? In this group we can give each other feedback on letters we might send.


a Positive Peddler said...

OK--this is a rhetorical question for the venting group: Can ANYONE OF ANY KIND POSSIBLY believe that #6 of AIDS LifeCycle's Mission Statement needs articulating!!!!!! [#6 says that one of the purposes for the Ride is to "contribute to an increased understanding of the disproportionate impact HIV has had on the GLBT communities in SF and LA"]. Excuse me???!!!! Are you completely unaware of the numbers of HIV+ people in cities with much higher straigh infection ratios who think of themselves as having a gay disease even if they don't think of themselves as gay? The ONLY reason I can come up with for any of you thinking you need to articulate your disproportionately-affected ratio is to explain away the extremely disproportunate Ride participant ratio of LG and B men and women to the diverse proportions of people in this sate affected or infected with HIV. And there are more straight people than there are L's, B's, and T's even in San Francisco if you quit talking ratios and start talking about the actual numbers of individual human beings living with HIV in their bodies--and there is not one single service either of your SF and LA agencies provide for THEIR relationships AT ALL. That is so beyond disproportionate. HOW MUCH MORE "INCREASED UNDERSTANDING" [about that] DO YOU NEED?

positive peddler said...

This is more a Forbidden Questions group comment (page 15), but a follow-up to the previous comment here: Does anyone have calculations for the ratios between HIV+ MSM's, to heterosexuals, to lesbians and bisexual women, to transgenders in San Francisco, accounting for IV drug use as a confounding variable? The people I've asked have said the DPH records are of ratios of populations divided by reported means of infection (not identification), or are of MSM's to IVDU's to non-specified women.