2. The Dream

I will give a very big, old house with big trees and a yard on Dolores Street for services to and community for HIV+ people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, color, or IVDU history. It will be our positive house. We will not be prevention driven. What we will offer are healing space and services concerning universal quality of life issues of living with HIV in all our different kinds of bodies. By having a Positive House, we wouldn’t in any way be intending to disrespect the many ways our extended HIV- communities are important and necessary to us. But while we understand the intentions and truth of AIDS/LifeCycle’s slogan, "We Are All Living with AIDS," we also understand that there are differences between living with HIV in your own DNA and living with people who do, no matter how intimately, or with how much devotion or dedication, or for how long.

It would not be possible to serve every positive individual's needs, and not everyone would want what +Positive House would have to offer (or would want to be around each other), but everything that the house offers will be available to every HIV+ person.

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