5. Testing

If Positive House's magical funding requires that we reserve free, anonymous, confidential HIV testing for only those most at risk, then we will determine that risk by individual behavior assessment, not by demographic profile. No person who walks through our front door, up to our front desk, and says, "I need an HIV test," will be told, "Sorry, that's only for_____," and given a referral, without in the very least, being provided basic personal risk assessment first. If +Positive House does not offer testing, we will provide test counseling with referral for anyone who asks for one, and if for any reason that client woud be more comfortable being tested at an AIDS service organization that is not allocated to test their demographic population than at one that is, then we will counsel them that they have the right to self-identify however they need to to get the medical procedure they require that is offered there. In case there is any problem with that we will provide a peer advocate (of any positive kind) to accompany them to the site to vouch for their signification.

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