4. Some Policies

As an agency,+Positive House will not exploit symbols or logos of diversity, human rights, or equality in order to keep pressure on ourselves to exhibit those qualities as much as is possible through the availability and results of our services. We are an imperfect, but living house that speaks for itself.

Any agency newsletters or publications produced by +Positive House will use the word “people” to mean people, not majority-group-unless-otherwise-specified. The word “we,” within the framework of our agency’s newsletters or publications, will be used to refer to us as HIV+ positive people.

We will be governed by HIV+ positive individuals and will have a community advisory board of individuals who can help us regardless of their HIV status. +Positive House would like to employ as many positive people as possible, but no rule on that in order to have open opportunity for any who are non-disclosing, as well as to allow wide option space to offer the highest quality care we can for each other. Diversity in administration will be based on diversity of individuals’ abilities and unique experiences. We will inevitably tend toward homogeneity, and we will accept and respond to that tendency by constantly extending real invitation in new ways and places without profiling or targeting.

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